DWR Waterproof 3 Layer Stretch Knit Interlock Bonded Membrane Tpu Fabric WC0026

DWR Waterproof 3 Layer Stretch Knit Interlock Bonded Membrane Tpu Fabric WC0026

This item is 3 layers fabric.

  1. Outer layer is 100%Polyester interlock fabric
  2. Middle layer is the TPU waterproof and breathable membrane
  3. Inner layer is 100% Polyester interlock fabric ,it is same as the outer layer.

The fabric like a hamburger, interlock fabric bonded with mebrane inside.

  • Weight : 250gsm
  • Width : 57”58”
  • Yarn Count: 150d
  • Item No: WC0026
  • Feature: Stretch, wind proof, Breathable
  • Content : 100%Polyester +TPU +100%Polyester

product description:

This fabric have 3 Core selling points

1-soft handfeel

In outdoor area ,we normally use woven 4 way stretch fabric,this item face and backside both use polyester knit interlock fabric ,make the final fabric very soft.it is real softshell fabric

2-Waterproof ,water repellent and breathable

This fabric inside use TPU membrane ,then the fabric will be waterproof and breathable
And the outer layer we add water repellent treatament.t is hydrophobic. When rain comes into contact with cloth, it will form droplets on the surface.
Waterproofness : 3000mm-20000mm
Breathable : 500gsm/24hours-10000gsm/24hours
The data we can customized accoridng to customer requirement

3-Special design and idea

You know it is difficult to keep the water repellent and moisture wicking in one item.
But for this item ,the outer layer interlock we can add water repellent treatment,but the backside layer interlock we can make moisture wicking function on it,then we can keep two opposite functions on this item.It is a special idea for some sports area.You can have a try.

This item normally be used for bags,Cycling wear,light Jackets,sports garment.

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