Polyester viscose spandex four way stretch fabric linen texture

Polyester viscose spandex four way stretch fabric linen texture

Unique linen texture 4 way strench fabric, made of polyester, rayon, nylon and spandex, thin and cool handfeeling fabric, very suitable for making pants and suit torusers in spring and summer. The addition of nylon makes it strong, and the addition of spandex gives it elasticity in 4 directions.

The fabric is resistant to creasing and drapes well making it ideal for trousers, suits etc. Polyviscose is slightly absorbant making it a comfortable fabric to wear while sweating, especially in summer. A lot of colors you can choose, about the MOQ and price, please inquire us if you are interested.

  • Item No: YA21-2789
  • Technics: Woven
  • Weight: 295G/M
  • Width: 57/58''
  • Package: Roll packing
  • Material: 48T, 42R, 7N, 3SP

product description:

Like other polymers, spandex is made from repeating chains of monomers that are held together with an acid. Early in the spandex development process, it was recognized that this material is highly heat-resistant, which means that notoriously heat-sensitive fabrics like nylon and polyester are improved when combined with spandex fabric.

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